3 Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

Affiliate programs provide excellent passive income opportunities for bloggers! If you’ve got a niche site, then these three best affiliate programs enable you to add links to relevant advertisers and earn commission on reader purchases. Are you ready to start earning affiliate commissions on your website?

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The 3 Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

1. Amazon.com Associates sells everything.

Amazon sells everything, right? With Amazon.com Associates, you can post affiliate links to Amazon products and earn up to 10% in advertising fees!

It’s easy and free to join Amazon Associates. You’ll apply on the Amazon affiliate website and receive one streamlined approval. Once approved, you can create custom affiliate links for over a million products!

You’ll receive affiliate commissions for purchases made through your special links. Amazon has a fixed standard program fee rate for various items, such as 3% for toys and 10% for luxury beauty items. There are also special terms for “bounty events,” such as the creation of a baby registry or purchase of Amazon Prime.

Amazon Associates is one of the best affiliate programs. It is versatile, allows you to link to over a million products and is streamlined through one central affiliate hub.

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2. Share a Sale coordinates affiliate programs for many advertisers.

When I signed up for the WP Engine and PicMonkey affiliate programs, I had to sign up for Share a Sale. This site coordinates the affiliate programs for many different advertisers. Share a Sale offers affiliate programs in fashion, food, health, education, art, music, sports, wedding, green products, business services and more!

To apply for Share a Sale, you will need to follow a five step process. During this process, you’ll have to create log in information and provide detailed information about your website(s).

After Share a Sale approves your application, you will need to apply for specific merchant programs. You will need to search for relevant merchants, select the ones you want to use and apply for those programs separately. You must meet specific criteria to be accepted by certain programs.

Share a Sale is one of the best affiliate programs becuase they have a huge database of advertisers and offer a singular interface for tracking your earnings.

Get started with Share a Sale now!

3. Check with individual companies!

Some of my favorite affiliate programs, such as Adobe Stock, offer affiliate programs. These programs are offered directly through the company website and are not necessarily affiliated with a larger affiliate database.

The best affiliate programs are the ones that connect you to products and services you truly love and genuinely recommend. If you love a product or service, search that company’s website for an affiliate program. You can even reach out to the company directly!

If you can’t find a link to an affiliate program on the company website, it may be helpful to do a Google search. Just search for the company name and add “affiliate program” after. For example, “Adobe Stock affiliate program.”

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