What is a Call to Action?

Almost every blog post you write should have a call to action. The call to action lets you connect with your readers and gives them a chance to make a valuable connection with you.

Here’s the definition of a call to action.

A call to action is as simple as asking a reader to take action. You could be asking them to buy your product, download your latest eBook or click over to a different page of your site.

call to action

The call to action on your post allows your readers to feel like they’re part of an immersive experience. Using a call to action creates a sense of connection and importance with the readers. It helps them see they are an important part of your blog. It also helps you keep readers on your site for longer, sell your product or get more email addresses for your mailing list. A call to action is a marketing tool for you.

Figuring out where to put your call to action is simple. It should always go at the end of your post. You can put other smaller calls to action throughout the post, but you want your star link to be at the very end of the post. When people are done reading your post, they’ll have somewhere to click instead of just exiting out of your site.

Your CTA can help your readers identify with you.

Making a valuable connection with your readers is such an important part of blogging. You need to make sure your readers feel like they know you and feel like they know how to connect with you. It’s important to make connections with all your readers and a call to action can do that.

Sometimes blogs can feel like there isn’t even really anyone behind them. They feel like they’re just websites or companies. You don’t want your readers to think that of you. A call to action may remind them that you’re a person behind all that perfect blog work.

The wrong type of call to action can feel gimmicky. You don’t want to make things gimmicky because readers might click out of your blog quicker. You should try to make sure you’re focusing on your call to action sounding normal and flowing with the rest of the post. If it seems out of place, it could cause more harm than help.

The blog might get more clicks!

Getting clicks is important, but don’t try to trick the system. It could ruin the hard work you did with your SEO and it could make it more difficult for you to get the readers you want. The call to action is a tool to help you. Trying to trick the system will not help and can actually make it more difficult for you to rank the way you want.


The longer readers are on your site for, the bigger chance they will have at making a purchase or downloading your important information. A call to action could push them through to another page on your site and help them stay on your site longer. Even if readers didn’t find the information they were looking for in this post, it might be in the next one they click on.

call to action

We found words you should use for your call to action.

There are certain words you can use for your CTA. These words tend to work better and allow your readers to actually want to take that action. Use these words at the beginning of a line when you want people to do something:

  • Learn (this is one of our favorites! Check it out below).
  • Buy
  • Order
  • Share
  • Comment
  • Follow
  • Download
  • Register

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