Three Pages Every WordPress Website Needs

No matter what niche you’re in or what you’re writing about, every WordPress website needs to include these five essential pages. These pages help your readers understand your website and grant you legal protection. It’s more important – and it’s easier – than you might think.

An about page help your readers understand who you are and what your website is about. Usually, the about page is one of the most frequently visited pages on a website. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated. We’ll show you how to write an epic about page here. 

Create an epic About Page here.

The privacy policy tells your users what information you gather and how it is used. Even if you are only providing information, you need to explain any information that is gathered by third-party services like Google AdSense, Google Analytics or other programs you use. We’ll show you how to generate an effective privacy policy here.

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The terms and conditions is another legally required page.  This page explains the rules that users agree to when they interact with your website. This includes disclosures about your country’s laws and a statement that you are not responsible for content on websites you link to. This document is for your protection. It doesn’t have to be difficult – we’ll show you how to draft one quickly.

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Design your primary navigation menu so all these pages are easy to find. This menu is usually found in the header of your website, although it can also be found on other pages. If you aren’t intentional about your navigation menu, one of two terrible things will happen: it will be sloppy or it will be simply unusable. Let’s fix that before it becomes a problem!

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All done? Great! Let’s move on to the next module. It’s time to create some content!


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