What is Evergreen Content? And How You Can Ensure You’re Always Relevant

When you’re blogging or starting to blog, you might hear the term evergreen content a lot. Even if your blog has nothing to do with trees (most don’t), evergreen content is a necessity. Much like the trees that stay green from the moment they spring up, your content should be relevant forever.

evergreen content

Don’t focus on dates or times.

The hallmark of good evergreen content is avoiding dates, times or things that are affected by dates and times. Don’t say, “as of 2018,” or “the population is X.” These things will change. The information you have will become irrelevant and your content won’t be evergreen.

evergreen content

Instead of looking at content that focuses on dates and times, focus on concrete content. The information you put into your posts matters so make sure you use content that truly won’t change in the future.

Another date-related topic people don’t think about is holidays. Holidays can get tricky, though. Some holidays are evergreen – like Christmas, while others are not. When you’re first getting started and really want to get your rankings up, it’s best to avoid holidays. Once your blog is more established, it’s usually alright to put posts that are related to major holidays on your blog!

Search engine crawlers choose evergreen content.

Why should you use evergreen content, anyway? Search engines look for evergreen content. When the crawlers are going through all the pages they can choose to put at the top of the results, they’ll be looking for evergreen content. When the crawlers find something that is related to a date or data that could change, your posts will not rank as high.

Search engines will be one of the biggest deciding factors to the success of your blog. If you do not have content that ranks well, it will be hard for people to find you. Search engine optimization is a necessity when it comes to your blog and evergreen content will help optimize the experience even further.

Your choice of content rules.

Before you even think about content that will last for a long time, you need to focus on content that is interesting. If you have interesting content, it will be the first content to get picked up.

Don’t base your blog posts on anything else you’ve ever seen before. Instead, use basic ideas and start from scratch. If your content looks just like other content available on the web, it won’t be evergreen…it’ll be stale!

Once you have great content ideas, start working on making them evergreen.

Ideas for evergreen content.

Now that you understand the importance of evergreen content, we have some ideas to help you get started:

  • Explain things that your readers will commonly come across (like we just did with Evergreen content).
  • Give tips that come with your expert advice.
  • Try out a “how to” article.
  • Turn to your readers: invite them to ask questions and then take your time to answer each question in a post.

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