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The terms and conditions can be the most frustrating bunch of legalese to write but it’s vitally important. This document protects you legally. It is literally a shield for your business. Don’t skip it.

Instead of doing your best lawyer impersonation, why not rely on the best free terms and conditions generator to do the hard work for you?

The best free terms of use generator is¬†is the site I use for the terms and conditions on my website. It’s the easiest and most comprehensive free privacy policy generator I’ve found online. Unlike other generators, they don’t try to trick you into paying extra for certain disclosures or add weird, unnecessary clauses. In terms of the end product, is simply the best free terms and conditions generator I’ve found online.

It’s my favorite free terms and conditions generator for several reasons:

  • It offers simple check boxes so you can select which terms you want to include.
  • They don’t try to trick you into paying extra for certain phrases!
  • It lets me copy the document directly from the website with HTML formatting included!

The free terms and conditions generator is so easy to use.

This free terms and conditions generator will walk you through a series of prompts designed to customize your terms for your specific website. The questions are clear and easy to understand.

The generator will ask you what type of website you creating (I always select business) and will ask you to insert your company details. It’s helpful to have a PO Box rental to include on these forms so you don’t have to disclose your physical address directly on your website.

You’ll need to check and uncheck the boxes on the next screen to determine which clauses are included in your finished terms and conditions. The generator will only include the disclosures that are checked.


If you’re following my blogging-for-profit tutorial, the answers to this free privacy policy generator are even easier.

If you’re following my WordPress tutorial, I recommend using the following disclosures. They’re the same ones I included here on our Skilled Blogging website.¬†Introduction

  • Cookies
  • Advertisements
  • Disclaimer
  • User Comments
  • Hyperlinking to our content
  • iFrames
  • External links
  • Content liability
  • Reservation of rights
  • Removal of links from our website
  • Credit

On the next screen, you’ll be invited to add your own disclosures. For Low Income Relief, this is where I would include a clause about how I cannot guarantee the accuracy of my information and I cannot guarantee that anyone will be helped by my information. Depending on the nature of your blog, you may need to add additional appropriate disclaimers here.

When you’re done, press continue.

How do I get the policy from the free privacy policy generator? provides a text box with the completed terms and conditions disclosure. It includes some great HTML formatting that makes it so easy to add to your website!

Open a new page on your WordPress installation by going to Pages -> Add New on the left sidebar. Title the page “Terms and Conditions” and then copy the completed privacy policy into the text of the page.

Publish and you’re done!

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