Your Journey to a Successful Blog Starts Here

Are you ready to start writing a blog for a living? We’ll walk you through each step from the very start (picking your niche) to the most complex details. All of our information has been organized into several helpful modules.

Module 1: Blogging 101 is designed for newbies who are unfamiliar with some of the basic terminology I use throughout the remainder of the course. Here, we’ll discuss terms like WordPress and SEO for those who are familiar. Read this before you begin or just keep it handy as a reference as you move throughout the course. Click here to get started!

Module 2: How to Start a Blog walks you through the very first stages of idea development and platform setup. Here, you’ll discover things like how to pick the ideal niche, choose the perfect domain name and find the right hosting plan. Click here to start Module 2!

Module 3: How to Configure WordPress teaches you how to configure your WordPress settings for maximum success. In this module, you’ll discover how to write the perfect author bio, optimize your basic WordPress settings, install essential plugins, pick the perfect WordPress theme and more! Click here to start Module 3. 

Module 4: How to Create Essential Pages will show you how to quickly and easily create the pages that every WordPress installation needs. No matter what niche you’ve selected, you absolutely have to have these five pages (including a privacy policy). Don’t worry – it’s easier than it sounds. Click here to start Module 4. 

Module 5: How to Create Valuable Content. Now that you’re all setup and ready to go, it’s time to start publishing meaningful and effective content. CONTENT IS KING… and SEO is Queen. There is literally nothing more important to your success than creating valuable content and making sure it’s properly optimized for Google. We’ll show you how to cultivate quality ideas, find free stock photography, optimize it all for Google and more. Click here to start Module 5. 

Module 6: How to Market Your Content on Social MediaSocial media is a powerful, free tool that can help you develop an audience for your content. We’ll help you identify which social media outlets are most effective for your niche, walk you through setting up your profiles and creating high-quality, shareable posts that can help your content go viral. Click here to start Module 6.

Module 7: How to Monetize Your Site and start earning money from all that hard work you’re putting in! There are several different ways you can earn money with your niche site, from AdSense to sales and more. In this post, we’ll introduce you to the most effective monetization techniques and show you how to sign up. Click here to start Module 7.


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