How to Create Catchy Viral GIF Lists

GIF: we don’t all know how to say the word, but most of us love a good catchy GIF list. Creating a viral GIF list is one of the ways to significantly boost your traffic so it’s a great idea to add one to your lineup!

catchy viral GIF lists

Here are the basics of your catchy viral GIF list.

Your viral list will need to be something related to your blog. It doesn’t really need to be about anything serious, but it should definitely have some similarities to the things you’ve posted about. It’s a great idea to add a catchy viral GIF list between posts.

For example, if you’re writing a post about cheap recipes to cook for your kids during summer break, you might want to think about also doing a post about what summer break feels like as a parent. They’re related, but not exactly the same.

For these, your SEO will matter less, but you should still keep it in mind. This is a post that you can blast on all social media platforms and people will be able to view it no matter which platform they’re coming from. The lists are an important visual that will help make your site more visible to potential visitors.

Connect with your audience.

The connection with your audience is key just like it is with many other areas of your blog! You want your catchy viral GIF list to actually go viral. If you’re writing about a subject people can’t really relate to, you probably won’t be able to connect with them as easily. For example:

  • This probably won’t work: 15 GIFs About How it Feels to Be a Mom of Four School Age Kid During the Hottest Part of July
  • This probably will work: 15 GIFs You’ll Recognize if You’re a Parent in the Summer

Speaking to a broader audience will, in this case, make it easier for you to connect with them! Of course, you want to follow your suggested keywords and you want to make sure that what you’re writing about is in demand (please don’t post anything about how much you love pumpkin spice during the first week of May).

Here’s how to come up with your list.

The easiest way to get the best list is to write once and then write again.

You should write your list out first. This will be just like a rough draft. For example, if you’re writing about how grocery shopping as an adult feels, you might want to write down things like:

  • This store is so crowded.
  • People are really rude.
  • Why are vegetables so expensive?
  • Do I really need paper towels again?

You can make your first list as long as you want, you’ll narrow it down during the next phase. The list does not have to be complete sentences. In fact, it can just be one word if that fits the situation you’re making your list about.

Keep it short for better retention.

By cutting your catchy viral GIF lists down to between 10 and 15 GIFs, you’ll keep your audience scrolling through the whole thing and getting to your call to action. I don’t know about you, but I’d be much more likely to click on a funny list of 10 that I know I can browse through in a few minutes than I would be to click on a 40+ list.

Build your header and content around the first list of ideas you created. It’s as simple as that.

Similarly, the things you write as the header and as the body before the GIF should be pretty short. You can choose how you talk to your audience in your header and body, but look at this one for my favorite way to do it. I start the header out with the beginning of my sentence and then finish it up in the body. Is it always grammatically correct? Nope, but it keeps the audience reading. After the body, you can add your GIF so people still have what you wrote fresh in their mind while they “HAHAHA” at the GIF.

If you keep your sentences and your headers short, it won’t take anything away from the GIF, but it will be much easier for your audience to look at than just an entire block of moving pictures.

Find the best GIFs.

Now comes the fun part! Since you’ve got your list compiled, you can find your GIFs based on what you want. Using GIPHY is a great way to find the perfect GIFs for your catchy viral GIF lists. You can search for things like, “YAY,” “eye-rolling,” “grocery cart,” “raccoons,” and get tons of GIFs right on the page. They’re also super simple to just copy and paste right into your WordPress editor. If you’re writing something about a character or TV show, you can also search by that.

catchy viral GIF lists

Closing it up.

It’s almost always easier to write your introduction after you’ve written your article. Not only do you have the “meat” or the hard part out of your catchy viral GIF lists but you’ll also have more of an idea of what you’re writing about. If you make your introduction and then change direction, you’ll have to change the intro…probably more than once. Wait until after you’ve written it all and then put the introduction in so you can make sure it matches the article.

Your conclusion should always come last, too. You probably don’t need to put anything crazy in there, but adding a “and finally” or just a simple “and” will let people know they’re coming to the end of the GIF list. It closes everything up neatly.

The last thing you want to put after all your GIFs is a call to action. Use something like, “How do you feel during the first few days of summer?” or “Let us know what your grocery nightmare was.” It’s something that will make the audience want to comment or connect. For more information on how to create the perfect call to action (and why you need one), click here.

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