How to Develop an Audience Profile for Your Niche Blog

Developing an audience profile can give you a distinct advantage with your niche blogging website. This profile can help you attract your audience through organic SEO techniques, social media marketing and even paid Facebook advertising.

What is an audience profile? 

An audience profile is an outline or description of the target audience. It describes the average reader and empowers the blogger to tailor their content for that reader. By focusing and refining their content and marketing techniques, bloggers are able to connect with their readers more effectively.

Socioeconomic information like disposable income, lifestyle, buying patterns, home ownership status, car ownership status and preferred leisure activities may be included in the audience profile. It could specify the ages, genders and interests of the audience also.

Why do bloggers need an audience profile? 

An audience profile gives a niche blogger a distinct advantage for several reasons:

Understanding the audience allows the blogger to create custom content for that audience. By understanding who the reader is, bloggers can better identify with the struggles and problems their readers are facing. This helps them develop solutions and craft content that will appeal to that reader. This can improve bounce rates and other key metrics on the website.

Identifying the traits of the audience also enables the blogger to more effectively target their audience with advanced tools like Facebook Ads Manager. People are constantly amazed that I pay just 1 to 2 cents per lead with my Facebook ads. That’s right – one to two CENTS. For a dollar, I can drive 50-100 people to my website. That is some very effective, low-cost marketing right there… and it’s all possible because I know exactly who my target audience is.

How do bloggers develop an audience profile?

Identifying your audience begins by identifying your product. You can’t understand your reader until you understand your blog. Start by analyzing the problems that your blog solves for your audience. What questions are they asking? What do they need? Why do they come to your website for information?

If you’re following my tutorial, you’re creating a website that will provide free information to your audience. For this to work, you have to provide information that is both valuable and unique within your specific niche.

It was easy to pinpoint the Low Income Relief audience. Households that earn 200% of the federal poverty level or less are generally included in the “low income” category. I also decided to limit my services to the United States, where I was already familiar with the low income programs.

From there, I did some research on low income American demographics. I found a lot of relevant statistics that helped me define my audience further.

With these and other statistics, I was able to clearly define that my target audience is single working mothers who are renting and receive food stamps. Of course, my audience also includes disabled persons, seniors, single men and others. Nevertheless, the core majority of my audience fits the audience profile.

If you’re ready to develop your own audience profile, check out this comprehensive guide from Buffer. Their marketing personas are incredible!

How do you use your audience profile?

An audience profile can give you priceless insight into your readers. You can use this information in a variety of ways.

Create even better content. Knowing who your audience is and what they are looking for puts you in a perfect position to meet their needs! Use this information to create even better content, get even more traffic and make even more money with your niche website!

Customize your message for segments of your audience. Once you know who you’re talking to, it’s a lot easier to connect with them emotionally and personally. Customizing your social media messages to segments of your audience can boost engagement.

Identify ideal giveaways. Occasionally, successful bloggers use giveaways to drum up engagement and page views. By understanding your audience, you’ll be better able to choose a compelling giveaway item!

Save money on your advertising. By selecting the right targeting criteria, you can dramatically improve your return on investment with your Facebook and other online advertising programs. It can also help you identify other ways to reach your audience.

Target your social media marketing efforts. Different demographics gravitate toward different social media platforms. Throughout years of research, I saw countless experts proclaiming that you absolutely had to use Twitter and email marketing to be successful with a niche blog… but in my personal experience, that’s not true whatsoever.

I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to reach my customers on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms before I bothered to research the effectiveness of those outlets in my niche. When I finally took the time to do the research, I found studies that showed the majority of the low income audience used Facebook exclusively. Once I finally narrowed my focus and put all my efforts into Facebook marketing, I finally achieved some significant success!

Do some research on your target audience. Figure out which platforms they are using the most and go there. There’s no reason to spend your time laboring on unproductive platforms.

What’s the most surprising thing you learned from your audience profile?

Share the most surprising thing you learned about your audience profile in the comments below!


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