How to Register a Domain Name

If you’re worried about how to register a domain name, relax. It’s easier and cheaper than you might think!

I have personally registered many domain names with multiple companies. Since there are tons of websites you can use to register your domain, I’m going to lead with the one company you should NEVER use to register a domain… and then I’ll tell you all about the company that I think is the best ever.

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How to Register a Domain Name and Regret It

Do NOT under any circumstances register a domain with GoDaddy! Just don’t do it. I know their 99 cent domain offer is tempting but it’s a trap. I promise.

I registered my domains with GoDaddy for many years. Since I registered my domains with them, I decided to host with them, too. It seemed convenient… but it turned into an absolute nightmare.

First of all, GoDaddy will sell your information to everyone if you don’t pay extra to protect your privacy. Shortly after I registered my domain, I started getting spam calls and texts nonstop. Dozens of them, every day, at all hours. The worst were the robocalls that claimed to be from Google and Bing. I couldn’t escape the nonstop onslaught of calls I was receiving because it was all automated. Since I didn’t have any other options, I ended up changing my phone number… after I transferred my domains to Google Domains.

As a host, GoDaddy is equally awful. If you ever have a basic tech support problem, they will try to upsell you on anything and everything. I was once told that my current hosting plan was being phased out and wouldn’t be available so I needed to “upgrade” to a nearly-identical plan at the same cost. I was told I would have to pay $75 or more for even basic tech support assistance. It was horrid. That’s why I switched to WPEngine.

If you want to experience the nightmare that is GoDaddy for yourself, you’re welcome to click over to their website at I’m not going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to ruin your life, though.

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How to Register a Domain and Love It

I absolutely love Google Domains. It’s easy to use and it’s intuitive. Unlike GoDaddy, Google Domains includes the privacy by default for no extra charge!

I cannot overstate how awesome that is.

To register a domain at Google Domains, the process is so simple.

Step One: Go to

Step Two: Search for the domain name you want. 

Step Three: Follow the Prompts

Once you’ve chosen your domain name, Google will prompt you to complete the purchase.


You just bought your domain. Now you need to find someone to host it.

Why do I need to host a website? 

A domain name is the address that people type into their browser. However, this address is deconstructed by the computer into an IP Address, which is just a long number separated by dots. It’s easier for humans to remember the domain name than the IP address, so we buy domain names for our websites.

Web hosting gives the domain something to point to. When you set up your web hosting, you will also point your domain name to the hosting company’s computers. This will ensure that the domain name is translated to the right IP address so that people can reach your address.

Is this painful for you, too? I sympathize. I don’t like the technical side of this, either… but I’m going to do my best to walk you through it so we can move on to the fun stuff.

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