How to Write Your First Blog Post

Congratulations! You’re ready to write your first blog post. You’ve obviously put quite a lot of effort into your site already but now it’s time to get started on the biggest, most important aspect of it all: the content.

If you’re anything like me, you’re staring at that first post in awkward wonder. You have a clear idea of where you want your blog to go but you’re not sure where to start. I get it. That first post can be a bit unnerving.


When you do a Google search for “how to write your first blog post,” you’re going to see a ton of unnecessarily complicated advice. People are going to encourage you to find the ultimate perfect topic and the ultimate perfect layout. They’re going to stress you out. You don’t need that.

The reality is that your first blog post isn’t likely going to be your most popular one. In fact, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: your first blog post is more for you than your audience. 

As you begin your new website, your readership is going to primarily consist of your friends, family and other associates. It’ll be a while before you start attracting hordes of organic traffic. Once traffic does begin to develop from social media and other sources, your readers aren’t going to begin sequentially. They will arrive on various landing pages across your site. Most of them will never see your first blog post.

Don’t stress about how to write your first blog post. The most important thing is to start. 

skilled blogging the most important thing is to start

Ready to write your first blog post? Choose one of these five approaches.

My favorite technique for writing my first blog post on a new blog is to skip the pleasantries and get right to work. I don’t like to introduce myself or my website because that’s what the about page is for. Instead, I get down to business and immediately start writing the sort of content that I want to have on the website. For example, the first post on Low Income Relief is called “How to Get Free Cell Phone Service (and a FREE Cell Phone)!” I call this the “get down to business” approach to your first blog post.

If your blog has a clear sequence, you can also use the journey approach and begin at the beginning. That’s what I’ve done here on Skilled Blogging, where the first post is titled “What is a Blog?” Since I’m going to walk you through all the steps required to set up your niche blog, it seemed like the logical place to start. Parenting blogs can begin at pregnancy.

However, it can feel a little cold and awkward to some authors who prefer a soft introduction. Those pleasantries are not really necessary but they can be comforting. If you want to rewrite the about page in your first blog post, do it. The most important thing is to start somewhere.

Instead of rehashing your about page, you can also focus on your approach. What makes your blog unique from other blogs on this topic? Explain the journey that led you to develop this unique insight on the subject. This can be a huge confidence booster for you and can help readers understand why your blog is an indispensable contribution to your niche.

If all else fails, make a list. Pick something within your niche and assemble a list of 5, 10, 15 or 20 things about that topic. These easy lists can help you write your first blog post quickly so you can move on to more comprehensive content. They’re also easy for your audience to digest and are highly shareable. On Low Income Relief, you’ll find 10 Tips to Save Money on Your Groceries, Top 10 Tips to Find a Great Roommate, 10 Best DIY Halloween Costumes, 10 Free Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and more top 10 lists. These lists are great icebreakers!

Remember – don’t overthink this. You can do this! It does get easier with time.

Once you’ve finished drafting your first blog post, don’t forget to click over here for some awesome insight on how to choose the ideal headline!


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