Why Every WordPress Install Needs Yoast SEO

We’ve already told you why SEO is so important – and how ranking well on Google is essentially free advertising. What we haven’t told you yet is that there’s a free WordPress plugin who will manage most of your SEO for you! Yoast SEO is simply the best SEO plugin in existence.

Yoast SEO will help you get free organic traffic from search engines.

Millions of people rely on Yoast SEO to opimize their websites. Why is it so popular? Because it works. 

This plugin will help you check each and every post for optimization. It will give you every tool you need to land on Google’s coveted top spot. In addition to basic keyword toals, Yoast SEO also offers XML sitemaps, meta description editing and many other useful features.

The best part? The limited version of the best SEO plugin is completely FREE!

Even though I’ve worked as an SEO specialist for almost nine years, I learned a lot about how to properly optimize my own websites from Yoast. It’s essential to your success. Don’t even start without it.

Yoast SEO plugin review

How do I get started with Yoast SEO?

Once you install and activate Yoast SEO, you’ll need to configure it.

Simply choose the SEO settings from the left sidebar (on the bottom) and select General. Click the “configuration wizard” to get started. This prompt will guide you through the initial setup.

How do I use Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO appears on each post and page as a small box underneath the text editor. This little box wraps several complex features into a deceptively simple interface. Click here for a clear, comprehensive tutorial on how to use Yoast SEO for beginners. 

Is Yoast SEO Premium worth it?

Of course, I also recommend upgrading to Premium as soon as you can. For just $89, you can get the Yoast SEO Premium plugin with one year of free updates and support. The upgraded version includes the following features:

  • You can optimize for five keywords per page instead of just one.
  • You can preview your page in Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter to make sure it looks great.
  • You’ll get real-time suggestions for internal page links.
  • Redirects are seamless and automatic, which has been a lifesaver for me.
  • You’ll get 24/7 support from the Yoast team.
  • Ads are removed

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